Client library to simplify communication with the devShare service


  • File system interaction
  • Projects management
  • Users management
  • Cloud interface

Getting Started

devShare is universal, so it can be used client-side or server-side.


  1. Install: npm install --save devshare

  2. Include and use devshare:

    import Devshare from 'devshare';
    Devshare.login(auth).then(user => console.log('Successful login', user))


  1. Add script tag to index.html:

     <script src=""></script>
  2. Start using the library:

    const username = 'scott'
    const password = 'testpassword'
    // Login in order to make Authenticated requests
    Devshare.login(username, password)
     .then(user => console.log('Successful login', user))
    // Get a specific user
     .then(user => console.log('user loaded:', user))
    const projectName = 'example'
    // Get a specific project
    Devshare.project(username, projectName).get().then(res => console.log('project:', res))

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